Your true nature, both in cellular and personal forms, is found in the balance of growing and breaking down, working and resting, and exploring/applying and integrating.  The space in between all of these opposites is the most powerful healing space.  It is where the laws of nature are respected and realized, and it is where the mind/body are most integrated in a state of curiosity, wisdom and ease. 

At True Nature Health Consulting, it is this space we work to enliven and make conscious in your healing process.



founder and primary practitioner of True Nature Health Consulting

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Julie Donaldson has over 36 years of experience in the healing arts. As a practitioner of Metabolic Typing® individualized nutrition, functional health testing, BioMeridian assessment and massage therapy, she brings a broad knowledge base to the partnership between herself and her clients. She is dedicated to the discovery of the whole person in the healing journey, helping clients to establish supportive core beliefs and daily practices to achieve their goals.

Julie maintains a high level of commitment to collaboration with her colleagues in order to share perspective and expertise. These colleagues include naturopaths, PhD scientists, MDs and other functional practitioners. Her collaborative approach is rooted in the understanding that all human beings need meaningful connection for balance and healing.

Her commitment to ecology and the environment is longstanding and firm. Protection of nature's resources and the consumption of the cleanest, most potent foods possible allows the continuum of healing to happen from soil to plate to body. A gardener and activist for soil replenishment, Julie maintains very high standards for our earth, food and lifestyle.

Julie's own personal experience with illness and a need for integrative solutions contributes a great understanding to what people are experiencing and how to achieve this balance. She is praised as an excellent listener and investigator. She brings the compassion of a person who has been significantly ill to the table in the most meaningful way. 


Julie began her career in the healing arts with management in the hospice movement at Boulder County Hospice, training volunteer groups and writing training manuals.

She moved on to private practice in massage therapy for many years, and later into private practice with BioMeridian assessment, nutrition consulting, and functional health assessment.

She is an SCD Lifestyle Recommended Practitioner and a featured speaker with the Empowered YOU Master Class, a worldwide event to promote healthy fertility practices and healthy babies.

She also served as the Vice President and Director of Client and Clinical Services for a worldwide functional health consulting and education group.

Julie specializes in the areas of GI dysfunction, women's health, children's health and spectrum nutrition, autoimmune disease, methylation dysfunction, thyroid imbalances, viral/retroviral conditions, and mood disorders. With each of these specialties, she applies individual investigations and appropriate testing choices with measurable follow-up procedures.