"Anyone can acquire a lot of information and take a lot of courses. But true knowledge and understanding is only won through experience. When you find those rare qualities along with honesty, integrity, caring, compassion, and commitment in your health practitioner, then you've found a rare combination that guarantees your success. I’ve known Julie Sands Donaldson for a number of years and she most definitely is one of those rare practitioners -- you need look no further than the testimonials of her clients for validation." 

- William L. Wolcott, creator of Healthexcel’s Official Metabolic Typing® and author, The Metabolic Typing Diet (Doubleday, 2000)


MARC Inc. has been professionally associated with Julie Donaldson for two years.  Our combined missions in helping people with complex, chronic conditions has been fed with passion and devotion on both sides.  Julie's dedication to people and her expertise in functional practices are the reasons we remain committed to her and immediately/wholeheartedly recommend her.

- Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Frank Ruscetti


For the last 35 years I've been tired. I remember having to take naps ever since I was 15 or so. Looking back, none of my friends seemed to have this problem. I seemed otherwise fine. I attributed this sleepiness to poor sleep habits. I often told myself, "Tonight I'm going to sleep well", or "I'll rest during my vacation", or "I won't exercice as much". I told myself these things for years. When I saw my doctors during this period I would mention that I was tired. They would either say "See a phycologist", or "Talk a walk in the woods" or "Do you something you like". Some doctors took blood tests, but they would always come back with nothing wrong with me. I accepted their findings because they were doctors. I was forever on the Internet Googling my symptoms but I couldn't cure myself. I ate well and I exercised. After a while a gave up searching for answers. During Christmas 2017 I hit a new low in fatigue and thought "This isn't normal!". 

In March 2018 I figured I needed someone who knew what I was going through. I had to let go of the idea that only medical doctors could treat me. I thought everyone else were selling crystals and potions (I was wrong). I eventually stumbled upon a biography of Julie Donaldson. She seemed like she might be able to help me. I thought it was a long shot but the reward of better health far outweighed the risk of losing a few dollars.

Julie has changed my life for the better. She ordered blood and urine tests right away. I think she knew right away from my symptoms that mycotoxins were probably involved. She was right. From the first call on Skype I realized that Julie was very smart. Her knowledge of the human body blew me away. Julie restructured my diet just a bit and started me on supplements (binders and other stuff) and it made a world of difference. It took about 3 months to see a change, but that probably would have happened sooner if I hadn't been on the road for half of that time. 

If I compare my energy to a cell phone battery, my energy level when I first contacted Julie was around 20%, just enough to keep my job. Five months latermy energy level is around 80% which is awesome. I no longer feel the need to watch tv on my days off. I no longer dread doing chores around the house. I can brush my teeth for two minutes, which is something I couldn't do before. I now look forward to seeing my friends.I have a better attitude in general. A diet change, a few supplements and my "hopeless case" has been turned around by Julie. I never would have figured out everything by Googling my symptoms.

Julie has always been patient, caring and encouraging. She was the only one in the world who knew what I was going through. She always answered my emails within 24 hours. I now have enough energy to continue my journey towards perfect health. I recommend Julie to anyone who is looking for better health. I'm so glad I contacted her, it was a great experience. Thank you Julie.

- Guy C., Canada


"Having Julie consult with me regarding my six year old son was probably the most useful and cost effective time I have ever spent on healthcare. Not only is she detail oriented and thorough, but she is kind and compassionate with both the parents and the child. Her suggestions improved my son health in many ways. Not only did his physical health improve, but his cognitive and neurological health improved as well. We began seeing Julie after my son experienced several adverse neurological events over the years, starting with a vaccine injury, minor tics, and lastly a seizure on his six birthday.

No regular doctors had answers along the way or after the seizure. They would not really even listen to our concerns either. Julie listened and then tested our son and explained in great detail what the tests meant. It was not only validating to know my concerns were founded, but that she had options and ideas to help him. He has always been intelligent, but he made a great leap forward and started reading within a few months of starting her protocol.  To date we have seen no more tics and several other physical ailments have also improved throughout the process as well.

I feel great knowing that I have Julie as an ally in my son’s health and I couldn't recommend her services more. I would contact her again in a heartbeat if needed."

- Carrie, a grateful mom, Utah


I started working with Julie on a 3 month process in April 2016. This was a decision I made after reaching a “health plateau.” Before working with Julie, I had suffered from extreme digestive issues, which included leaky gut, several food sensitivities, Hashimoto's and SIBO (an overgrowth of bacteria in my small intestine.). I had made some improvements with some diet changes and supplements, but knew I had more work to do. I was still dealing with hormonal issues; I was still not having a menstrual cycle after coming off hormonal birth control 2.5 years ago. I felt like I needed to get to the underlying issues rather than try more supplements. In less than a month after beginning with Julie, I started having normal cycles! I never thought that would be possible, and that was just the start of the improvements. My digestive issues improved, I was able to enjoy more foods and felt like I was finally on a normal healthy diet for my metabolic type. Other things like my sleep and mood improved as well. I was also finally able to gain muscle on my workout regimen, which was a nice added bonus! She has been rooting me on throughout my journey and always available when I need her assistance. My PCP who monitors my thyroid on a regular basis has been astonished by my improvements these past couple of years. He has never seen anyone improve like this, especially without any assistance from medication. Fast forward to today, I am expecting my first child at the end of summer! - something I honestly put on the back burner, and didn’t know could ever happen for me. Aside from the obvious improvements, I felt so comfortable working with her because I could sense how much she really cares about her clients. She has given me an overall better understanding of “holistic” health, meaning that health is much more than just what you eat. It’s a whole body approach that includes stress management, and how to really take care of your mind, body, and soul. Even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting Julie in person, she exudes compassion and care even through the phone and email! I highly recommend anyone to work with Julie. I promise you will not be disappointed!

- Christine O., Ohio


"Our experience with Julie has been one of profound relief.  Our 12 year old son had a lot of symptoms the regular medical community was telling us were normal, which I knew were not normal. He was having huge meltdowns, anger issues, and blood sugar imbalances to the point of self-harm. I am a registered nurse so I was somewhat skeptical about this kind of treatment. Julie was patient and answered all my questions, even through several emails. I cannot tell you the difference the diet and additional supplements have made in my son's life. He has become the funny, happy child we once knew. Does he still have anger? Yes, but he can control it and recover much quicker. He feels better in body and mind. We are so grateful to have found Julie! Thank you so much!"

- The Gallup Family, Pennsylvania



"Working with Julie made me, for the first time, see my symptoms as connected parts of a whole, not separate issues unrelated to each other. I learned many important things through her patient support and on-going guidance which included answering all my questions and at times, calming fears.

Getting on the metabolic type diet resulted in immediate improvement of conditions like Candida and hypoglycemia. Following the protocol that Julie recommended, I noticed the skin on my fingers no longer cracked and bled during winter; a sore on my ear finally started to heal; I had less breast discomfort; a dry-mouth condition got better; I was less nervous and did not crave grains as much.

By working with Julie, I hope and trust to make further progress towards achieving my health goals.”

- Mary B., Arizona


When I met Julie Donaldson in November of 2017 I was suffering from many ailments. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia and chronic pain. At that point I had never considered seeing a nutritionist for my problems. I thought medication was my only option and probably surgery in the future. With some tests and consultations I discovered I suffer from estrogen toxicity, which is the cause of much of my chronic pain issues. From Julie’s suggestions I changed my eating habits and added a mix of vitamin supplements. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling a lot better. Now 8 months later the pain in my back and neck is considerably better. And the pain in my knees, hips and wrists has decreased by 90%. Before starting my journey I often walked with a limp because of my hip and knee issues. That problem has completely gone away. I have also been able to get off Prescription pain medication. On top of that my anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia has gotten considerably better. 

Julie has always been available to answer my questions and concerns along the way and help guide me through this process. She has always been very nice and easy to talk to which means a lot for someone shy like me. I look forward to continuing this journey to greater health and happiness. 

I highly recommend you give Julie Donaldson a chance to help you through whatever issues you have. It will change your life. It has definitely changed mine.

-Heidi, Utah


I started working with Julie in the summer of 2015. I found her after many years of searching for an answer to my health issues. I am 49 now and started on this journey in my late 20’s. I have been through psychologists and several doctors that have gotten me nowhere closer to finding out what the source of the problem(s) was/were. As I have gotten older, my symptoms have changed from mental challenges to be more physical in nature. Some of the symptoms include adrenal fatigue, compromised liver, anxiety, dehydration, brain fog, memory, concentration and digestive issues.

Since working with Julie I have discovered several things that I would not have figured out on my own or with any conventional doctor. I have a nutrition degree and work in food retailing, but I still didn’t understand how important the Metabolic Typing® was to my recovery. I have also come to learn that heavy metals and viral load may be at the root of my challenges. While I understand that this is a journey and things won’t resolve themselves overnight, I feel confident that we are on the right track and progressing one layer at a time to improve my health. Julie has been unlike any other health provider I have worked with before.

Although we have never met in person, our relationship and communication is more comprehensive than I could imagine. The phone appointment fees are totally affordable and she doesn’t recommend tests unless absolutely necessary. She responds to any questions I have in between appointments so I always feel connected and supported. I am truly thankful for all the knowledge and awareness she has given me in the last year and I look forward to continuing the journey."

- Doug,  Austin, Texas


Julie is truly an expert in her field and I am so grateful not only for her wisdom and knowledge but also her patience and compassion.  I initially sought out her services desperate as a parent for help for my two-year-old because something in my mommy-gut told me something was off, even though I didn’t want to believe it at first. He was diagnosed with esotropia (lazy-eye) and had speech/language delays and severe trouble sleeping. After blood, urine and hair tests, she discovered that he had significant mercury and copper toxicity and VERY high histamine levels along with many other issues. Julie was very kind during this entire process as this would be a blow to any parent. The traditional medical establishment (i.e. 2 pediatricians and 1 pediatric ophthalmologist I have seen) offered NO help, with one telling me she wasn’t going to run any of “these tests” and refusing to discuss heavy metal toxicity at all – her only recommendation being vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate.

My son shown has shown significant improvement in all areas and we are currently in the process of retesting.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having someone help you with individualized nutrition, especially in today’s world, as I was blindly plying my son with fermented foods and virtually every other food on the high histamine list not knowing he has a severe issue with histamine. Unless you are an expert yourself, I STRONGLY believe you cannot do this alone and you need a wonderful guide, like Julie, no matter how many articles, blogs, message boards and YouTube videos you watch. I cannot recommend her services strongly enough.

- Renee P., Florida


"In January 2016, I got in touch with Julie by filling a form on her website, with the aim to find out a solution to my son’s health problems (19 years old), in particular for his digestive troubles. Jeremy was diagnosed autistic at 3 years old, therefore his case was very complex. Our goals were first to identify all causes of dysfunction within him after he exhibited an unprecedented crisis one year ago, and then to receive convenient advice and solutions from experts throughout the world.

We rapidly received a kind reply from Julie Sands, with a lot of suggestions and supports. In conclusion, Julie is without doubt an expert in her fields (clinical nutrition and so on), always available when we asked her to help us, and with a lot of human qualities. We are very satisfied of her contribution in improving Jeremy's health state, which was very critical. Her approaches are not only good, but also modern, compared to those we've seen before.

Consequently, I highly recommend her services to anyone faced to similar cases."

-Hary, Belgium


"When I started working together with Julie, I was pretty convinced that I was eating an über-healthy diet, which couldn't be anything but the best for me. I had been eating a paleo / primal diet for 1.5 years at that point and all the knowledge I have gathered about food, functional medicine, modern diseases, etc. still tells me that eating real food and leaving out grains is a good way for the human body to go. I was taking high quality, expensive supplements to adjust for lifestyle issues and the quality of our modern time food (lack of nutrition even in organic food). I did everything I had been told to sleep properly - in a pitch black room, not too late, without watching TV or the computer screen in the evening. 

And despite all my efforts, I was feeling tired, exhausted, burned-out, overwhelmed and irritable almost every single day. I did not sleep well, I often woke up at night and could not fall asleep again. My skin was breaking out again and again without me being able to understand the reason. 

After Julie's first consultation I started eating according to my Metabolic Type® within the rules of a paleo diet. This means I left out some foods which are generally perceived as very healthy, but not good for ME in terms of their micronutrients. The worst thing for me to leave out of my daily diet was BROCCOLI , which was a great surprise!  I added some other foods that were not part of what I used to eat and focused more on the foods that are excellent for my type instead of those that are just ok or better left out. I reduced the amount of supplements drastically. All this was under the warm-hearted, knowledgeable guidance of Julie, who answered all my questions immediately and patiently with an in-depth knowledge to satisfy even the last bit of food-nerd inside of me. 

In just a couple of weeks my skin cleared totally, I became calmer, more relaxed, more satisfied and all in all happier. It has become easier to interact with the people around me. My sleep has become so much better, now it is a rare occasion that I wake up at night, but I can fall asleep again and it does not make me freak out anymore. 

Further along the way we tested my stress hormones, and Julie helped me understand what the results meant for me, and how to work with them in my day to day life. Not only did I get even more counseling regarding my nutrition, but also in terms of exercise and other life-style aspects. Furthermore, we adjusted the supplements once more, and my energy has become stable, reliant, and I can get throughout the entire day without desperately needing a coffee to keep me going. 

Julie has a profound knowledge of nutrition, hormones, detoxification, exercise, etc. I really appreciate getting immediate feedback when I have questions. I never felt alone or left to myself in the process. Another aspect which makes me feel really comfortable with Julie's support is the handling of supplements. As much as you need, but as little as possible. To me this is a great approach, and the results of combining the right diet in terms of how YOUR body works with the right supplements exactly for you are more than convincing that I am on the right path. "

- Christiane, Germany

"Finally I'm getting my gut health, and adrenals under control thanks to Julie's knowledgeable and thorough approach to health. Years I've spent trying to figure out why I never felt "well" and not one Dr. ran the tests Julie called for and got answers. I had silicone breast implants for 13 years and would say the last 3-4 years of having them I knew something was amiss.   When I chose to have them explanted it was revealed that I had one ruptured, no wonder I felt like crud. Add to this journey, a highly stressful event I was involved in, I am a survivor of the Oct 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting, a survivor yes but with my health in such a downturn direction I was a mess. The ruptured implant and being involved in a mass shooting was a cocktail for horrible health. The mindset of band-aiding  a problem had become frustrating, and I am so glad my friend Casey said to give Julie a call. Get to the root of your ailment, it's the most rewarding journey. Thank you Julie for insisting on a particular test that I hesitated about, glad I put my trust in you."

- Kristy, Montana