Fertility and TRUE Preparation

The decision to have a baby is one of the most important and POTENT of our lives. Preparation between parents usually focuses more around timing and finances than it does around health and creating an optimal environment for their baby to grow in. There is much emotion and even hastiness in making it happen and we all the know the feeling...once the decision is made, it's difficult to restrain or wait. While this is very natural because we are animals after all, it may not be very wise. In our current world, the issues of toxicity and their impacts upon each  member of the conceiving couple can create numerous complicating factors in both the mother's ability to complete a successful pregnancy and the baby's health during and after pregnancy. Major risks to successful outcomes may include poor detoxification capacity, poor hormone metabolism and/or hormone toxicity, excess environmental exposures, improper diet/nutrition, and heavy metal burdens.

Changes in patterns with men and fertility later in life have led to a substantial increase in research on the male contributions to a healthy pregnancy. Notably, new research into RNA corrections of sperm in the epididymis of the father are showing key determinants for preventing behavioral and metabolic dysfunctions in offspring. RNA expression is directly impacted by proper DNA expression, and the latter is directly impacted by healthy epigenetic influences. Now, more than ever, we are understanding critical information about preparation of both parents' bodies prior to conception. Using this information to optimize your chances for the healthiest pregnancy and child is both prudent and wise.

In this video, I present along with my colleague Jamie Johnson both the mother's and father's risks and needs for investigation in order to lay the best possible foundation for healthy outcomes. It is a process that requires commitment and attention. It is the "other side of the coin", if you will, from our work helping unhealthy kids who may have suffered from their parents' lack of health at conception as well as increased risk for other exposures during early development. We invite you to team up, remove these individual risks for yourselves and help give your baby-to-be the strongest possibility for whole health.


"I simply cannot express how grateful we are to Julie and her work. A year ago, I was struggling with horrible gut problems and anxiety, but wanting to plan a pregnancy. I just didn't have the energy to see it through. With her help, we discovered our risky areas and cleaned them up. Not only do I feel amazing, but we are expecting our first child! Her services and her manner with people reflect her decades of experience - we recommend her WHOLEHEARTEDLY!" -Susan & Jake, Florida
"I started with Julie on a 3 month process in April 2016. This was a decision I made after reaching a "health plateau". Before working with Julie, I had suffered from extreme digestive issues which included leaky gut, several food sensitivities, Hashimoto's and SIBO (an overgrowth of bacteria in my small intestine). I had made some improvements with some diet changes and supplements, but knew I had more work to do. I was still dealing with hormonal issues; I was still not having a menstrual cycle after coming off birth control 2.5 years ago. I felt like I needed to get to the underlying issues rather than try more supplements. In less than a month after beginning with Julie, I started having normal cycles! I never thought that would be possible and that was just the start of the improvements. My digestive issues improved, I was able to enjoy more foods and felt like I was finally on a normal healthy diet for my metabolic type. Other things like my sleep and mood improved as well. I was also finally able to gain muscle on my workout regimen, which was a nice added bonus1 She has been rooting me on throughout my journey and always available when I need her assistance. My PCP who monitors my thyroid on a regular basis has been astonished by my improvements these past couple of years. He has never seen anyone improve like this, especially without any assistance from medication. Fast forward to today, I am expecting my first child at the end of the summer! - something I honestly put on the back burner, and didn't know could ever happen for me. Aside from the obvious improvements, I felt so comfortable working with her because I could sense how much she really cares about her clients. She has given me an overall better understanding of "holistic" health, meaning that health is much more than just what you eat. It's a whole body approach that includes stress management, and how to really take care of your mind, body, and soul. Even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting Julie in person, she exudes compassion and care even through the phone and email! I highly recommend anyone to work with Julie. I promise you will not be disappointed!  (A note of update and celebration - Christine's beautiful baby boy was born in August of 2018, 8 lbs, healthy, happy and whole!)
- Christine O., Ohio


Watch HERE to get started with intelligent thoughts and our process of preparation: